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202              ON THE DIVINE INTUITION
whereby the motion has become greater, and of
material things in such form and substance more
have been produced than at another place. As is to
be understood by the material things of the earth,
as also by the water and air, how a difference
exists at each pole, or at each position above the
earth. Whence also the difference of manners and
of virtues, as well as of governments, laws and
41.  But the differences of such qualities have all
arisen from the Mysterium magnum, by the mo^fon
once for all of the powers of all beings, as when the
one will of all beings put itself in motion at once,
and brought itself out of non-perceptibility into
perceptibility   and   separability   of   powers,   and
made the  eternal Power effectual  and desircful,
so that in each power a counterstroke as an in-
dividual desire has arisen.    This same desire in the
counterstroke of the powers has developed itself in
its turn out of itself into a counterstroke, whence
the desire of such efflux is become acute, strong
and excessive, and has  coagulated  and  brought
itself into material things.
42.  And as the efflux of the inward powers has
been from light and darkness, from sharpness and
gentleness, from the nature of fire or of light, so
has been the origination of material things.    The
further the efflux of a power has extended, the more
outward and coarse does the matter become;   for
one counterstroke has proceeded out of another,
unto finally the coarse earth.
43.  But we must deduce correctly the ground
of this   philosophy,   and   indicate   whence   hard